Increase productivity, better quality of the work and service should be the outcome of this change
ISUZU Training Center Europe

Objective of Training

  • To increase the knowledge and performance of each participant. This increased human performance often leads to increased operational productivity and increased company profit.
  • To improve quality of the work done. Good trained staff is less likely to make expensive mistakes. Therefore the service offered has a higher quality which leads to an increased satisfaction of the end customer, who is then more likely to buy ISUZU products also in the future.

Objective of the Train the Trainer Training

The final goal of our training however is to satisfy the end customer. This means for the Technical Training to enable the Technician to diagnose a malfunction in the complete ISUZU mechanical and electrical system.
For the Service Training, the focus is on building a reliable relationship with the end customer and to increase the aftersales business.

Our Train the Trainer courses provide all information and the material needed to train the workshop staff. We ensure with our Train the Trainer courses and the training material provided, that also the ISUZU dealers will receive a high level service training from the ISUZU distributors.