ISUZU MOTORS Germany GmbH, located in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg is the European engineering center of ISUZU MOTORS Ltd.
ISUZU MOTORS Germany GmbH, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg

We are called as "IMG", and our main task is originally diesel engine application development work for passenger cars. We have then extended our capability of engineering work for commercial vehicles including pickup truck, their powertrains, and post SOP quality improvement engineering activities.

Additionally we guarantee the observation of European standards. We are committed to using our expertise and innovation to assure optimal adaptation and further development of “state of the art” Isuzu diesel engines, vehicles and components for our global customers. We understand and meet current and future guidelines with reference to environment and quality.

We focus on the principle of sustainability and take social responsibility for our employees and the society. Active environmental protection is equally important as the permanent efficiency of our economical actions. These are the premises for our sustainable success in the market.

It is our aim to develop low fuel consumption diesel engines that meet legislative requirements as well as contribute to maximum driving pleasure.

Our developed engines therefore satisfy higher power and torque requirement as well as lower fuel consumption than competitors, whilst they meet the ever tightening severe exhaust emissions legislation in Europe.

Customer orientation and technical innovation

Our aim is the continuous improvement and optimization of diesel engine parameters by using advanced test benches and the other facilities with effective tools. Thereby we find the best possible combination of high power and torque with low fuel consumption of engine. Simultaneously we meet the legal requirements for applicable European standards.

In order to assure the compliance of legal standards during the entire engine service life we consider aging effects and manufacturing tolerances.

In the meantime we keep ourselves busy with further development and adaptation of whole vehicle and powertrain of "On and Off-Highway" applications with various European emissions targets and settings for the majority of countries outside of Europe, where European emission standards are employed and accepted.

In addition to developing and testing at our test facilities, we test our vehicles under extreme environmental conditions such as hot and cold temperature, and/or high altitude low barometric pressure conditions to make optimal adaptation for our customer's needs.

Thereby we are challenged by number of type and model varieties as well as continuous requirement of shortened development period and production cycle.

General service for other customers

Derived from the experience of our development team for the development of ISUZU products, we recognise that our capability can also be used for the corresponding engineering services to some external non-ISUZU customers.

Therefore ISUZU MOTORS Germany GmbH offers its facilities, engineer knowledge and test experiences to the other customers like vehicle OEMs and their suppliers, mineral oil- and chemical industry including vehicle technical service providers.