Continuous improvement is what we believe in

The main task of our Aftersales Department is the quality improvement of our customer's products.

The quality improvement is enabled by one of our most important activities, the gathering quality related information. The gathered information is subsequently collated, analysed and the focus of the results pinpointed onto a specific area to gain the best results.

From our experience, diagnosis of engine management related components provides OEM-dealers with the most difficulty to make proper efficient analysis. Our Aftersales department can investigate on site using up to date engineering tools and diagnosis software.

Our Aftersales also conducts investigation of field return engines and parts collected from end customers. This investigation helps a lot to make the end product more reliable and robust.

Teamwork is one of the keys to conduct quick and effective remedial actions when a trouble situation occurs. The Aftersales Department works closely with our customers and is fully involved as a key team member in conjunction with our customers.

OEM Customer manufacturing plant support is also one of the Aftersales Departments important functions. Our Engineers visit distributors, dealers and manufacturing plants as necessary to carry out investigations and analysis on site for a proper solution.