The development of modern diesel engines
  • 6WG1
  • D-Max

The great challenge of a successful engine application is to achieve the optimal calibration in a short period of time, to harmonise opposing development objectives, such as performance, fuel consumption, driveability features and exhaust emission regulations.

IMG’s modern diesel engine development fulfils amongst others the following tasks:

  • Calibration of engine performance, exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and combustion noise
  • Calibration of driveability features for several environmental conditions
  • Durability confirmation tests
  • Benchmark (Analysis of products on the market)
  • Project Management and Design
  • Engineering services for parent company and other clients

To fulfill this tasks, the competent IMG development engineers

  • conduct tests on modern, fully automated and dynamic engine test benches and chassis dynamometers
  • evaluate vehicles on public road (cold and hot conditions, from sea level up to 4000m high altitude)
  • uses state-of-the-art development tools (Design of Experiments)

For this, a global network of project groups is used, which possesses a broad expertise of different technical fields, such as mechanic, electric and mechatronic; and basics in chemical engineering.

With passion for engineering and the motivation to broaden competences, IMG strives to expand the diesel engine development to industrial engines, also based on their upcoming stringent exhaust emission regulations.

IMG offers highly efficient and environmentally conscious solutions of diesel engine development for the market of tomorrow.