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ISUZU has invested a lot of time and money into making the ISUZU Training Center Europe a complete learning environment for both classroom and practical skills based training.

Practice is the best of all instructors. That is why we try to involve our participants as much as possible in the practical training part. The technical training room is equipped with all necessary tools to deliver a state of the art technical training. We have a mobile vehicle lift and an extraction system to work on running engines as well.

We are using the following tools to check our vehicles and industrial engines: scan tool, oscilloscope, multimeter, breakout box, diagnostic tools for common rail etc.

Enough space to relax and to get some fresh air during breaks.

We have WiFi in the whole facility for the comfort of our participants.

We also provide food and drinks to our seminar participants. The participants should feel comfortable during the whole training. The kitchen is probably the best place to chat with other participants doing the same job in their home country.

A pleasant atmosphere and space to enjoy the breaks is important to us. Participants can exchange information and discuss different topics during a cup of coffee.