Advanced Driver Assistence Systems
  • The vehicle target is a balloon car. It can be used stationary and moved
  • A AEBS-test with the vehicle target in motion
  • Pedestrian targets are used for the detection check of ADAS systems

To prevent and reduce accidents of vehicles, more and more systems are established to support drivers and meet the regulations. Development and testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can be done by IMG.

The main focus is currently at the Advanced emergency brake system (AEBS) and the Lane departure warning (LDWS). These systems are mandatory for most vehicles with more than 3.5 tones for the type approval in the EU (347/2012/EC). Also the mandatory tests for EuroNCAP with a vehicle and a pedestrian target are held by IMG.

IMG have state of the art test and measurement equipment which is necessary for the testing and improvement of ADAS.