Following the company's strategy, we have a management system consisting of documented principles and procedures, with which we

  • fulfill the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001, as well as expectations regarding quality of the services and the strategic aims
  • meet the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 14001 as well as expectations pertaining to environmental protection with reference to our activities and services, and
  • fulfill the tasks and duties of the company for the maintenance of security and health of our employees.

Our quality and environmental principles as well as procedure regulations described in the Q+E management manual are binding for each division and department within our company. Every employee is individually obligated to meet the quality and environmental claims and take responsibility for the compliance, perpetuation and improvement of our documented business processes. Thus we assure that legal regulations regarding occupational health and safety, environmental protection and quality assurance are observed as well as improved continuously. Quality assurance meetings at regular intervals assure the efficient flow of information through the entire company. Thus we guarantee the activity of all entrepreneurial processes while meeting legal standards.

By setting goals and monitoring their consistent conversion/implementation, controlling as well as constant professional training of our employees we ensure continuous improvement of quality and environmental compatibility.

Quality and Environmental Policy

ISUZU takes quality as the highest priority of our products, services and all other company activities throughout the world, while we consider environmental matters to be very important, as they are fundamental elements of global resources, human life and thus our society.

It is therefore our policy to conduct:

  • continuous improvement of our processes, services and products by far exceeding customers' expectations with consideration of the environment, health and safety of our employees and the general public through the company wide realization of the quality and environmental management system,
  • customer orientated desired services with optimization of quality, cost and time in accordance with the documented business processes which comply with or exceed the relevant legislative standards,
  • performance monitor of our activities through registration of reactions, satisfactions and complaints of customers, suppliers and the general public in order to improve all of our activities,
  • our activities including materials and products with their handling to minimize any adverse effects on the environment, global resources and to safeguard the health and safety of mankind,
  • measure and continually improve the environmental impact caused by our products, services and any other activities,
  • motivation establishment of our employees and suppliers by encouragement and training for them to recognize their environmental responsibilities and the benefits available to them by implementing sound environmental, health and safety policies,
  • and our policy and achievements announcement, where appropriate sharing the techniques to generate improvements,
  • realize our Quality and Environmental policy at Gustavsburg and other location of our activities.

J. Arimoto – President & Managing Director
Date: 01.08.2010

Quality and environmental aims

In order to control the effects that our company has on the environment we compile a life cycle assessment (LCA) / ecological balance. Therewith goes a systematical analysis of products, materials and processes in consideration of ecological aspects to make optimized decisions regarding our environment, our society and our employees. Thus we succeeded for example to continuously increase the utilization of capacity of our test benches and keep the energy consumption constant at the same time.

Our quality and environmental goals aim to decrease the energy consumption for city gas, water, electricity and emissions produced on site as well as to adjust engines developed at ISUZU MOTORS Germany GmbH, to the strictest applicable exhaust legislations. We intend to meet the increasing requirements to diminish emission figures and simultaneously satisfy our customer's wish for more output and power.

Although the results performed at ISUZU MOTORS Germany GmbH are far below the demanded limit values for exhaust and noise emissions, our employees are anxious to continuously reduce these values while optimizing the business procedures. Additionally we work relentlessly preparing for the exhaust-emissions standard 6 (Abgasnorm Euro 6).