EACS (Environmental and Altitude Conditioning System)

The EACS system was designed and constructed to be connected to an endothermic engine installed in the engine test room n°2 or in the test engine room n°8 of the Isuzu Motors plant (Germany).

The system allows as follows:

  • Altimetric simmulation:
    • Continuous adjustmennt of absolute pressure from 500mbar to 1100mbar;
    • Stability of pressure during steady state cycles motor: ± 1mbar;
    • Stability of pressure during transient cycles motor: ± 5mbar.
  • Control of engine combustion air temperature:
    • Continuous adjustment of temperature in the range from -25°C to +40°C @1013mbar;
    • Stability of temperature: ± 1.0°C;
  • Control of engine combustion air humidity:
    • Continuous adjustment of relative humidity from 5% to 95% @20°C @1013mbar;
    • Stability of relative humidity: ± 4%.
  • Engine suction capacity:
    • Maximum air mass capacity: 1200kg/h @20°C @1013mbar.